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Red Kite Ride debuts Limited Edition Jersey NFT for Bike Club!

cycling event jersey issued as an NFT for Red Kite Ride will give finishers ongoing benefits from sponsors

We’re super excited to reveal the first-ever Bike Club-compatible NFT layer from one of our partners! The 2022 Red Kite Ride will issue every participant a digital Jersey NFT as a keepsake, and once you mint your Bike Club “Rider”, you can dress it up with that jersey!

As far as we know, this is the first-ever digital jersey offered for a cycling event, and it’s just the beginning of what we’re bringing to the cycling industry in terms of WEB3 opportunities. Here’s the PR we sent out, and check our Twitter and Instagram to share the news!

Bike Club Red Kite Ride jersey NFT will layer onto their avatars so holders can customize their appearance
Bike Club members will be able to customize their “Rider” avatar’s look with matching helmets, shades, backgrounds & more!

PRESS RELEASE: Red Kite Ride, a UK charity ride benefitting multiple charities, has partnered with Bike Club to issue the first-ever NFT jersey as a participation reward.

“We are thrilled to give every participant a timeless digital collectible as a keepsake from our ride this year,” says Kylie Grant, event director. “It will give them a unique way to show off their support for our community, and unlike socks or a buff, it will allow us to offer more and new benefits to participants over time”

The jersey artwork was designed by world-renowned cycling artist Richard Mitchelson (aka “Rich Mitch”), the artist behind Bike Club’s WEB3 cycling project.

“The jersey will stand on its own as a digital collectible, of course,” Mitchelson says. “But even better, holders will be able to dress up their Bike Club rider avatar with it to create a personalized digital version of themselves!”

bike club rider NFT shown layered with a Red Kite Ride Jersey NFT
Every RKR participant gets this jersey as an NFT, shown here on a composite image of a Bike Club avatar.

Red Kite Ride is the first of many brands and events to create a digital layer for Bike Club’s upcoming mint. Bike Club co-founder Tyler Benedict says there are a lot more on board and that many more announcements are coming soon.

“This is but one use case that we’re bringing to the cycling industry,” Benedict says. “A digital collectible combined with our build-your-own avatar program allows every cyclist in the world to create a ‘Rider’ that looks like them and then decorate it with jerseys, backgrounds, helmets, and more from their favorite brands, events, athletes, and artists!”

“Events like Red Kite Ride can leverage this new connection with its participants to extend the benefits of participation and create new opportunities for their sponsors and supporters, too.”

Red Kite Ride takes place on Sunday, September 4, 2022. As part of the partnership, Bike Club has shared discounted entry codes with their Discord community, which is free to join and open to everyone.