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Big partnerships, events, and… Ride 2 Earn?

Hello, Riders!

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Boy oh boy, do we have a lot to tell you about! I’ll keep each item short, and you can hop in our Discord for more details of each of these updates…but:

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That’s right, we just landed Bicycle Film Festival as a Brand Partner! If you’re not already BFFs with BFF, they’re worth getting to know. They’ve hosted film fests in 90+ cities and reached more than 1 million people. They’re equal parts art and advocacy, and they share our passion for safe cycling and riding bikes!

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But that’s not all! Other newcomers include SRM Powermeters, Vittoria, Eliel, Bryton, Yakima, Northwave, Ridley, and a whole lot more! And, honestly, we’re still just getting started!


Over the past couple of weeks, we realized just how special this thing is that we’re building.

Bike Club is so much more than an NFT project. It’s quickly become the world’s largest cycling community, and we think it’s going to be a true game changer for the industry (you might call it disruptive).

So, we’ve decided to keep a lot of the community benefits of Bike Club’s Discord free and open to everyone, no NFT required. Any cyclist, anywhere can join our Discord and will never have to pay a dime to be a Bike Club Member.

Naturally, we had to make the NFT even more special, so we’re working with developers to launch…


This is big.

Bike Club NFT holders will be able to earn points for every ride they do. Data is uploaded directly from their cycling computers to their own Bike Club Dashboard, where points are tallied for every mile ridden, meter climbed, and watt burned.

Those points will actually be worth something in the real world. And that’s just the beginning…


Curious about how your brand can get involved with Bike Club? Why your athletes or ambassadors should join? How we’re removing the barriers to connecting directly with the riders and why that’s so important (and disruptive)? And why we’re not charging anyone, brands included, for this?

Jump on one of three “Lunch & Learn” Zoom sessions with Bike Club co-founder Tyler Benedict this Friday, February 25th:


This week we’re hosting a few events, but…the details are still being dialed. So,

follow us on Twitter and Instagram…and now TikTok, too! We’ll announce them all as we schedule them…trust us, they’re going to be rad!

(and, hint-hint, if you’re a brand, pay attention to how these activations work!)

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This really helps us grow our community and add more value for you! We’re making a list of everyone that helps us grow and adding names to our VIP list for early mint opportunities…

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Thanks, and Happy Riding!