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Josh Ibbett joins Bike Club!!!

Please welcome Josh Ibbett to Bike Club!!!

Josh has been floating around bike races and the cycling industry for 20 years. Starting out on the XC circuit as a junior before discovering 12/24hr & MTB stage racing, his racing distance has escalated over time.

He now finds himself competing in some of the most extended bikepacking events in the world, winning the TransContinental race in 2015, GBDuro in 2020, and completing the Tour Divide.

In addition to racing, Josh is well connected in the bike industry via his work with Hunt wheels and does film work with GCN – essentially, Josh is looking for any excuse to travel and ride a bike!

Jump into our Discord to say hi to Josh (his username is @ji ), and stay tuned for a Cafe Chat AMA in mid-April with him about his recent tour around Rwanda!

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