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Crypto’s crashing, but we’re still riding!

This week has been rough for the NFT and crypto market, with Bitcoin prices dropping to less than half of their all-time high, and ETH and SOL and all the rest are not far behind.

NFT prices are dropping, there’s drama in the space, and overall trading volume is way down, too.

But Bike Club is still riding strong, so what’s the story?

It’s simple: We’re using NFTs and blockchain technology as a functional element of a bigger vision. We believe in the technology, and are building Bike Club to offer massive utility and benefits to riders all over the world…all of which will work regardless of what the markets are doing.

And THAT is why this project will maintain its value and relevancy for years (decades, even!). The price value of the NFT itself is secondary to its utility.

Sure, we’d all love to see our portfolio go to the moon, but we believe that the experience and the culture that Bike Club is building is why our community continues to grow and rally when the hype projects come crashing down.

Remember, you’re early!

If you’re just getting into NFTs or learning about Bike Club, remember, you’re EARLY! These are “wild west” days, but we’re building a project from the ground up with NFTs and blockchain as a foundational layer.

If you haven’t yet jumped into our Discord , now’s a great time to do that as the community is pumping! Ask any questions about NFTs, crypto, WEB3, the blockchain or anything else in our “NFT Chat” channel…you’ll find some lively and intelligent conversations and advice, and a we welcome everyone from newbies to full crypto degens!

Or jump into any of the cycling-focused channels, find a meetup, or just share some ride pics!