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What is Bike Club?

Bike Club is the world’s largest cycling club, built without borders and open to everyone.

Traditionally, bike clubs provided a foundational structure and grassroots development for riders and enthusiasts young and old. They were a place to get to know other locals, pass on wisdom, and develop strength and character. In many ways, clubs comprised the fabric of the sport.

As more and more of our lives have moved online, our social network has expanded, and the local club’s role is complemented, or perhaps even replaced, by a globally connected cycling culture.

Bike Club is the first truly global cycling club built to unite and serve this culture.

Who is this for?

Everyone! Bike Club is for cyclists of every kind. Road, Gravel, XC, Enduro, Bikepacking, Touring, even Commuters… everyone who loves getting out on two wheels!

We are a community-driven platform that gives riders, brands, athletes, and industry a public platform to share their stories, knowledge, training tips, and camaraderie.

This unprecedented access allows brands and riders and athletes to connect in new ways, without gatekeepers, and without having to give up their privacy or data.

For riders, it’s a powerful tool that’s free from subscriptions, upsells, and data mining. It’s a way to connect with riders everywhere, learn, share, and find new ways to improve cycling opportunities and access for all.

For brands, it’s a new way to connect directly with riders without the pay-to-play gatekeepers and algorithms controlling your access. You can engage in real conversations directly with your customers.

How do I join Bike Club?

Simple, just join our Discord server and you’re a Bike Club Member!

The Bike Club Discord is the hub of our community. It’s where the conversations, contests, and digital benefits live. And it’s where we announce real-world activities and opportunities.

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok for quick updates. Subscribe to our newsletter for bigger periodic updates, too. We suggest connecting with us on all of these platforms to get the most out of being a part of Bike Club!

When we mint, claiming a Bike Club Rider NFT will give access to more benefits and utility, too…

What are the benefits of joining Bike Club?

Bike Club Members have full access to all public channels on our Discord, where we provide everything from training and nutrition tips from coaches and pros, to townhall chats with industry leaders, product engineers, and brand personalities, to cycling industry job boards, and more!

Read our Benefits page for all the details!

What about the Bike Club NFT?

For cyclists who want to shift their membership experience into a higher gear, we offer the Bike Club Rider NFTs.

Featuring original artwork by world-renowned cycling artist Rich Mitch, you’ll be able to build your own Bike Club avatar from hundreds of traits so that it truly represents you!

Wait, I can design my own Bike Club avatar?!?

Yep! Not only can you choose from a huge and continuously updated library of original artwork by Rich Mitch, but there will be brand and artist collaborations that let you update your avatar’s look whenever you want, and even gain new benefits and utility!

No matter how you design it, your Bike Club Rider NFT becomes your digital membership card to access premium perks, games, events, products, giveaways, and experiences across the web and the real world!

Wen mint? How much?

We plan on opening up the first wave of minting for our VIP list in late summer 2022. A “Community” mint will follow, then we’ll open it up to the general public.

Unlike most “10k” collections, there is no limit to how many Bike Club Rider NFTs will be available because we want every cyclist in the world to be a part of our community.

We’re still finalizing pricing, but we promise it will so amazingly affordable that everyone will be able to mint a Bike Club Rider NFT.

We’ll post a complete “How to buy a Bike Club NFT” to get you up to speed with everything you need to know so you can “Mint” a Bike Club NFT when we launch in late summer 2022.

What VIP list? How do I get on it?

Anyone who has joined our Bike Club Discord, followed us on social, and engaged with the community in ways that provide value will be on our VIP list and be the first people allowed to mint a Bike Club Rider NFT.

There will be very special perks and exclusive artwork available to this crew. Anyone can earn a VIP spot, and we’re keeping notes. If you’re in Discord helping others, sharing our social posts, and helping us spread the word, you’re on the list.

No, We don’t have the list published anywhere. We’ll start letting people know closer to our mint date, so they can be ready, but our best advice is just join in the conversation and be rad…we promise it will be worth it.

What are the benefits of holding a Bike Club NFT?

In addition to owning a piece of history, we have a LOT of real-world benefits built into your Membership.

Holders gain access to special events, private chats and AMAs with pro athletes and industry stars, early access to new bikes and products, and more.

More than 60 cycling brands (more are being added all the time) have signed on as industry partners, and those brands, events, athletes, influencers, and more can create traits like jerseys, backgrounds, and accessories for you to add to your avatars.

Because each of those traits are held as distinct NFTs, there’s no limit to the perks you can get from those partners. Get more examples of how this works on our Benefits page.

Even better, one of the biggest perks access to the Bike Club RIDE & EARN program to earn and win gifts, special deals, and so much more!

What is the Bike Club “RIDE & EARN” benefit?

Shortly after our original collection sells out, Holders will be able to RIDE & EARN, turning every single bike ride into Points that can be redeemed for real-world merchandise, bike products, gear, and more.

Points will be automatically calculated for every ride you do, and every Holder will have their own dashboard with mileage, elevation gain, ride duration, and other key metrics automatically uploaded to it. (We may provide our own app, or sync data with popular GPS cycling computers, to collect ride data)

Holders accumulate Points for every ride they do, letting you create value simply for riding your bike.

RIDE & EARN will be launched sometime after Stage Three (public mint) of our roadmap is complete.

Our long-term plan is to make Points redeemable for a future Bike Club Token, which could then be traded for or converted to cryptocurrency, letting you truly ride to earn…but this step is definitely a ways off.

Do I need more than one? Does it renew?

Once you own a Bike Club Rider, it’s yours until you sell it or trade it.

Similarly, once you’ve minted, purchased, earned, or won another trait layer (jersey, background, etc.), you’ll hold that as a separate NFT.

At launch, everyone will be able to mint one Bike Club NFT per wallet. That’s all you need to participate in RIDE & EARN and gain access to every other benefit.

That said, we might give each Rider some hidden traits (think “climber” or “sprinter”) that may come in handy in the future. You might want one of each. Or maybe you’d just like to have a diverse “team” of your own and want to collect a few different looking riders.

We might also have some special offers, airdrops, mint passes, and VIP opportunities for those who hold a team of riders…

…but, this is something we’re still working on, and at launch you’ll only need one.

What else can I do with it?

You’ll notice that each Rider is conveniently sized to work great as a Social Media profile pic…and that’s a great way to identify yourself as a Member of Bike Club!

OK, but I’ve seen so many NFT projects fizzle out a couple of months after they launch. How is Bike Club different?

We have, too. Between the founding partners, we’ve been in crypto and NFT for more than two decades. We’ve seen the projects that work, and the projects that don’t.

Great art is one thing, but an overly hyped launch won’t sustain a project for long.

Fortunately, our founders have also built and run numerous global companies, from consumer goods to food & beverage, digital media to events, for more than four decades. While we believe DAOs, crypto, and NFTs are going to be a big part of the future of “business”, we also know how to successfully run an actual business. Check out our team here.

Our project’s success and roadmap’s completion are not reliant on a sell-out 10k mint. We’ve already negotiated with leading brands and have a complete action plan that will provide real benefits & utility that every cyclist will appreciate. And as word of mouth grows, more cyclists will join us and our community will grow at the pace that feels right.

Of course, we’d love to hit the ground running at full speed, but you can rest assured that our intentionally paced mint will deliver outsized benefits to every Member, and those benefits will only grow over time.

How can I get the most out of my Membership?

The best way to get involved right now is to join our community on Discord, this is where the conversation lives! It’s also where we post announcements, contests, and sneak peeks!

And follow us on Twitter and Instagram and help spread the word…our community is the best marketing tool we have, so tell your friends about Bike Club!

We know most of you don’t live on Discord or social, though (nor would you want to), so you should also sign up for the Bike Club email list.

General announcements and smaller contests, group chats, and the opportunity to talk to the founders about the project are best conducted on Discord and social. But we’ll make sure we send big, important news and regular recaps to the email list, too.

We even have a blog here if you need to catch up or share some news with a friend.

Will the benefits be global?

The community and RIDE & EARN benefits are absolutely global.

Some IRL events, rides, giveaways, and product-related benefits, however, may have geographical limitations and (at least initially) be predominantly available in North America.

But as we learn where our cycling Members live, we’ll do our very best to support you, too, so please be active in our Discord server so we hear from you!

Do I own the IP and Commercial Rights to my Rider?

Yes, with a few exceptions*. You’re free to use your Rider avatar on shirts, jerseys, socks, whatever, and even make content based around them. Have fun with it! Make a comic, or an animated short! Maybe someday you’ll even be able to use it as an avatar in virtual cycling worlds.

*As a community, we want to promote Bike Club in the best possible light and be a positive, socially beneficial and inclusive community. As such, the only exceptions to your IP ownership rights are that you are prohibited from using it in any lewd, racist, sexist, pornographic, terrorist, or illegal manners. If in doubt, just reach out to us. Violating these terms are cause for losing the benefits of your Membership.

You do NOT have rights to use the Bike Club logo for any commercial purposes or use your avatar to suggest in any way that you are part of Bike Club LLC’s staff or ownership or represent any subsidiary content as part of the official Bike Club collections.

Someone’s trying to sell me their Bike Club NFT?

No, they’re not. They’re trying to sell you a fake. Scammers are rampant in the NFT and crypto space. We’ll cover more of this in our upcoming “How To” guide, but here’s the nutshell version:

We, and only we, will announce when Bike Club NFTs are available for sale, and only we will provide you with the official link to mint directly from our website. Our official links are:

Other tips to stay safe:

  • Do not follow any links that random people send you.
  • Do not trust anyone else that says you can mint a Bike Club NFT yet, we are not minting until at least late Summer 2022.
  • Once we mint and sales are available on the open market, we will provide you with the link to that marketplace so that you can verify you’re buying a real Bike Club NFT and not a fake.
  • Once you join our Discord server, turn off your DMs, we will not contact you that way, but scammers will.

Cycling Advocacy

A big part of Bike Club is our charitable effort. We will donate 10% of all revenues, forever, to cycling charities and advocacy groups.

Our Members will be able to vote on how we use community funds – charitable donations, scholarships, sponsorships, swag drops, etc.

And they can nominate the groups and people who matter to them.

We’ll look at the big ones like People for Bikes, Bikes Belong, IMBA, World Bicycle Relief, of course. But we’re also seeking out the small players that are making a difference on the local and regional level…in your backyard!

We want to improve cycling access, safety, awareness, and infrastructure everywhere our Members are, and our Members can help guide these efforts. The more you get involved, and get your local groups involved, the more likely we are to support a project that’s meaningful to you!

Anything else?

We’ll continue to update this FAQ page as we hear from you. And our Discord has FAQ, Announcements, and Updates channels that are updated frequently.

We encourage you to turn on notifications on Twitter and/or Instagram to stay abreast of Bike Club news, too.

These are the easiest way to know when a new contest, giveaway, promo, AMA, or anything else is starting!