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Anyone can join…for free!

Bike Club is a community-driven platform that merges the art, culture, history, and lifestyle of the sport of cycling with the digital realm.

We’re open to any and every cyclist, anywhere in the world. Just join our Discord and you’ve become a Member of our community, simple as that. Additional benefits are accessed when you mint a Bike Club NFT, tentatively planned for release in late summer 2022.

Bike Club Membership Benefits

Bike Club is the world’s global cycling club built around the idea of a local club while taking advantage of today’s digital technologies. It is THE platform for cyclists everywhere to connect, learn, ride, or just share their stories and tips.

We are fostering deeper connections between brands, events, athletes, and cyclists by providing truly decentralized access for everyone. From curated AMAs, townhalls, and Spaces discussions, to contests, giveaways, training tips, job boards, and more, we’re leveraging our industry connections to bring all parties into the conversation.

Our Discord server is the hub of community activity. Join in whenever you’d like, and participate as much as you like.

You can get out of it as much (or as little) as you want, and we’ll never ask you for a dime (or any personal info!). That’s the beauty of this community – we’re not selling our membership to advertisers, mining you for data, or charging for access.

For members who want to take things to the next level, the Bike Club NFT opens up more doors to enhanced benefits…

NFT Ownership Benefits:

The Bike Club NFT is your digital membership card, giving you extra benefits like job training, special events IRL and online, bigger contests and promotions, and more!

By allowing you to build your own NFT and swap traits like jerseys, backgrounds, accessories, and more, we’ve opened up the opportunity to continually upgrade the benefits your Ride NFT offers.

Here’s how: Brands, artists, cycling influencers, and even other NFT projects can create layers for you to add to your Rider avatar. Each of those new layers are held as distinct NFTs, so each can carry it’s own utility and benefits.

Examples of how this might work are:

  • A bike brand could issue a branded jersey that lets you jump to the front of the line at any demo event.
  • A component brand could issue a branded musette that gets you a VIP swag pack at any expo event they attend.
  • A cycling apparel brand could give you a matching digital jersey when you buy a real cycling kit from them, which provides a lifetime pre-order discount on future kits before they’re released to the public.
  • An gravel race could issue your ticket as a commemorative background that gets you into the event and serves as digital memorabilia.
  • Top pros could issue a signature design to access private chats or digital team kits.
  • Cycling advocacy groups could issue a special trait as a fundraiser.

…and that’s really only the beginning. We’re working with brands, events, top athletes, and our own artist, Rich Mitch, to provide an endless supply of fresh designs to keep your avatar looking great and helping you tailor Membership benefits to suit your needs!

You can learn more about the NFTs themselves on our FAQ page, and we’ll have a full tutorial on how you can build your own avatar closer to mint day.

But that’s not all!

The NFT also lets you access our RIDE & EARN program, rewarding you with Points for every ride you do…

RIDE & EARN Benefits:

Imagine being able to turn every ride into Points, then use those points to get free or discounted gear, components, kits, bikes, and more. Or redeem them for a race entry. These are the opportunities we’re building with our deep pool of brand partners!

Digital Benefits:

Holding an NFT grants you access to private Holders-only channels on our Discord server, where we’ll post contests, giveaways, deals, and promotions.

So, yes, we’ll have “deals”, but Bike Club is so much more than the typical “coupon club” offered by others.

We’ll have Discord channels with professional coaches offering workouts, training advice, and nutrition tips.

We’ll also post announcements and schedules for private chats, Twitter Spaces, and AMAs with pro athletes, cycling celebrities, coaches, nutritionists, industry folks, product designers and engineers, and more.

We’ll also host Zwift rides, and you never know who might show up or what we might do there.

Members will get virtual and IRL early looks at new products from top brands, with advance pre-order opportunities and limited editions.

We’ll also share advance notice and whitelist opportunities for other cool NFT projects that we partner with.

Real World Benefits:

This is where it gets really fun! We have a lot of things planned, but the most exciting part of this is that there’s really no limit to what we can do.

Our goal is to create amazing experiences and opportunities for our Members and Holders. Exactly how those will take shape remains to be seen, and if there’s something awesome you want us to do, let us know! Our community will help decide what we do.

That said, here are just some of the awesome ideas we have planned:

  • VIP areas and amenities at major cycling events (think Sea Otter Classic, Unbound, BWR, etc.)
  • Live events and activations (think scavenger hunts, meetups, rides led by pros, trail days, etc.) around the world
  • Entries into major events and races
  • Members-only event prerides & strategy sessions
  • Bike tuning clinics & services
  • Skills clinics
  • Factory tours
  • Product launches
  • Meet ‘n’ greet events with the pros

…and more as our community grows! Some benefits and features will be voted on by the community, and the best perks are reserved for Holders, but we believe every cyclist will find value in our community no matter if they hold an NFT or not.

Cycling Advocacy

A big part of Bike Club is our charitable effort. We will donate 10% of all revenues, forever, to cycling charities and advocacy groups.

Our Members will be able to vote on how we use community funds – charitable donations, scholarships, sponsorships, swag drops, etc.

And they can nominate the groups and people who matter to them.

Initially, we’ll look at the big ones like People for Bikes, Bikes Belong, IMBA, World Bicycle Relief, etc. But we’re also seeking out the small players that are making a difference on the local and regional level.

We want to improve cycling access, safety, awareness, and infrastructure everywhere our Members are, and our Members can help guide these efforts.

Future Plans

Long term, we are developing a DAO structure that will allow Bike Club to be a community-run organization.

This is a very long-term plan as we recognize that many of the benefits for Members are driven by the founders’ relationships with the brands and events, and these things need to be carefully managed to ensure maximum benefit for both Members and our Brand Partners.

But as the community develops, we envision a future where the Club’s ownership and decision making is decentralized.

Part of this future involves offering our own on-chain cryptocurrency token, creating real earning potential, and the ability for Members to use our own currency.

We anticipate this will be something people will want to own and use both inside and outside of Bike Club, though it’s too early to share how that might work.

Anything Else?

We encourage you to turn on notifications on Twitter and/or Instagram to stay abreast of Bike Club’s most important announcements.

And join the Bike Club email newsletter for occasional long-form, big-picture updates on the project.

But to really get the most out of your Membership, get involved with the Community through Discord. This is where our team hangs out, arrangs rides, plans events, answers questions, and keeps the stoke high!